Goals to Benefit The Land

Goals to Benefit The Land

Our Commitment

We’re dedicated to protecting the land, crop yields, and the long-term success of the agriculture industry. We know that soil health, water, and biodiversity are all interconnected in delivering benefits for an affordable and abundant food supply.

Our 2030 Goals

Improved Soil Health

Improve soil health on 30 million hectares by 2030. 

We’ll provide tools and innovations to improve soil health to increase the capacity of crops to withstand weather variability, enhance air and water quality, and support thriving habitats.

Advance Water Stewardship

Accelerate improvement in nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) across global agricultural land by 2030. Reduce water consumption while increasing yields on 2.5 million hectares of seed production and water stressed agricultural land by 2030 compared to 2020.


When nitrogen is used efficiently, plants grow better and the surrounding natural resources are protected. Our nitrogen stabilizers apply advanced technology to increase nitrogen use efficiency. We'll also implement strategies to improve water use efficiency in water-stressed areas.


Enhance Biodiversity

Enhance biodiversity on over 10 million hectares of grazing lands and natural ecosystems globally through sustainable management practices and habitat conservation by 2030.

Biodiversity is the basis of agriculture and our food systems. We’re forming partnerships to expand habitat creation and developing new technologies for land management.

Corteva Core Value

As a champion of responsible agriculture, we commit to enhancing lives and the land. We pursue a purpose beyond our immediate interests to benefit society.

Corteva core value