Reporting on Corteva's Sustainability Goals


How We Approach Our Sustainability Goals

At Corteva Agriscience, we have set 14 ambitious goals to enrich lives together through sustainability. How we develop and make progress toward these goals as a company and with our partners reflects our commitment – we’re in it for good. Our approach is built on best practices and global frameworks for sustainability.

We are sharing our journey from
the start.

Learn more about how we identified the issues that matter most to farmers, the land, our communities, and our operations, through our materiality assessment. Explore the important role of key stakeholders in developing our goals.

Materiality Assessment

Through a collective effort, we identified the areas of focus where we can have the greatest impact. Learn more about our materiality assessment development process.


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Engaging with Stakeholders

Engaging with stakeholders is a critical part of how we developed the goals and how we hold ourselves accountable and make progress on our goals. Learn more about how our stakeholders are an essential part of how we are enriching lives together through sustainability.


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“Understanding the needs and interests of our stakeholders has been crucial to our strategy, identifying priorities and targeting activity where we can have the most positive impact. It will be equally crucial, as we monitor and report on progress.” 

- Anne Alonzo, Chief Sustainability Officer of Corteva Agriscience