Goals to Benefit Our Communities


Our Commitment

We’re helping farming communities thrive by uplifting our customers and colleagues in agriculture, and the communities where we live and work. We’re committed to championing and protecting people throughout the food system and the broader agriculture community.

Our 2030 Goals

Keep Employees Safe

Protect the health and safety of people at our facilities and those working in agriculture. 

Agriculture ranks among the most hazardous industries worldwide. To support farmers, we need to ensure that we keep the agricultural workforce safe and healthy.

Empower Women, Enable Youth, and Engage Communities

Empower women, enable youth, and engage communities in all of the global communities where we have corporate operations and all of the countries where we do business by 2030. 


We believe that agricultural communities benefit from economic opportunity and social inclusion for all. We’re expanding local outreach worldwide through the Corteva Grows program.


Volunteer One Million Hours

Volunteer one million Corteva employee hours to support people and communities globally by 2030.

Our 20,000-plus employees can be a powerful force for good to help others and the broader agricultural community. We’re providing more local volunteer opportunities through the Corteva Grows program.

Increase Supply Chain Transparency

Increase supply chain transparency from farmers to consumers, by leveraging digital tools that enable farmers to create additional value through transparency in agriculture markets, food systems, and communities. 

Transparency is critical to sustainability. More than ever, consumers and stakeholders want to know how food is produced. Through digital tools, we’ll help farmers track and share information openly.


“Digital tools that help farmers tell their story – how they raise their crops, how they steward their land – are essential to connecting agriculture to consumers, and to communities around the globe.”

- Sid Gorham, President, Digital Business Platform of Corteva Agriscience